Friday, August 29, 2014

DIY - Window Pane Chalkboard

My mother gave me this window pane a while back. Not sure if she got it at a flea market or what, but I remember thinking that I really like the mint colored, distressed frame, but wasn't crazy about the flower decorations in the glass. But I took it, figuring I could come up with something! 

I channeled my inner Pinterest and came up with the idea to paint the glass panels with black chalkboard paint. That way it would look more updated, I could keep the mint frame part I liked, and we could update it as much as we wanted with chalk!

The bootleg thing about this idea is that you can't really PAINT glass. Well at least that's what Tim and the Home Depot guy told me. But, in typically Kali fashion, I scoffed at them and went ahead with my plan anyways.

Normally, this would totally backfire on me. As it has many times before. But, rest assured, this isn't a DIY fail post - it's a success story! So... in their faces.

Here's what you will need:

- Window pane
- Chalkboard paint
- Brush (pictured is a baby roller, but it was easier to use the wedge sponge brush)
- Painters tape
- Work space
- Alcohol (for drinking)

First,  tape the edges right where the frame meets the glass. I tried to do it without taping and it was a hot mess. So, even thought it's a pain in the ass, just tape it!

Once, it's all taped, start painting! Don't put on too much, just do a thin, even coat.

Give it a couple coats until it's well covered. Let each coat dry COMPLETELY before you start the next one. I did a total of 3 coats.

Now, if you hold it up to light, you will still see some transparency through the paint. Paint and glass don't really get along, so that's why. But, as long as you are hanging this on a wall, it will look like solid black all around, so you're all set! To test, just hold it up against a wall.

Now this part was a bit tricky. Since paint really isn't friends with glass, it wants to peel right off with the blue tape. SO... start with a razor blade and run it along each edge right where the tape meets the paint. Then, carefully and slowly, peel off the tape. There were a couple spots were I didn't razor it right and it started pulling at the paint, so I just stopped, and went back over it with the razor. They were such tiny spots, you can't tell.

Once you get all the tape off, it will look like this!

And it's ready for chalk!

The chalk easily erases with a paper towel so don't worry about mess ups!

I'm using ours as a decorative piece to hang in our guest room. But, you can use yours as more of a traditional chalkboard for notes, reminders, whatever you want!

Here's how it turned out!

Can't wait to hang it up for our guests to enjoy!

Enjoy your long weekend! It's down to the ATL for us to kick off some college football!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Selfishness and Sacrifice: Finding Balance

It amazes me some of the things I have discovered about being in a relationship in just the past year. Tim and I have been dating for about 2.5 years and I am constantly learning new things. About him. About me. About us together. And about dating in general.

The reason I am so surprised by this is because I've been in serious relationships before. At least two others were very serious, committed, long term deals - that could have potentially ended in "forever".

So I wonder, why is it that in THIS relationship I'm faced with so many lessons and realizations? Maybe it's because this is the first time I've lived with a boyfriend. Which I believe makes you so much closer that perhaps it sheds light on new things. Or maybe it's because I'm 26, he's 27, we both have careers, and are happy. And that's when all the real shit hits you. Because you've accomplished a lot of what you wanted to accomplish. Which means now you have to move on to other, grander things.

Whatever the reason, the newest aspect of a relationship I'm learning is making decisions TOGETHER that will affect BOTH of you. I think in a traditional relationship (one where you get married younger, then move in together) this is something one would start to discover after they tie the knot. You are bonded together legally, so one begins to think of their choices in an "US" mindset, instead of a "ME" mindset.

But in the non-traditional relationships that are no longer that obscure, where people date well into their 20's, live together, have babies, move across the country, all before marriage... this jump-shift in perspective can happen in any committed relationship - whether or not you're legally bound.

Even though I've been in relationships during college and after (while I was starting my career), I still always thought about my future as MY goals, MY ambitions, and MY plan. Yes, I always calculated my boyfriend at the time into the equation. But, I guess I just always had the selfish belief that they would just follow MY plan. Or I had the naive belief that somehow MY plan and HIS plan would perfectly align.

But now my eyes are open to that selfishness and naive. Tim is his own person. He has lived 24 years of life before meeting me. And I am my own person. I have lived 23 years before meeting Tim. Of course we are going to have different views on life, our future, different goals and aspirations

I've always known this is the case (for those of you who are thinking, "DUH Kali"). But once you've cemented YOUR future plan, then fallen in love with someone and written them into your future in red permanent marker, you don't stop to think that plopping a new character into your already written story isn't going to work.

Because they have a future plan already written, too. And maybe they took a red Sharpie and added your name into their script. And then you sit down and realize, you have two stories blotted in red that include the same main characters, but the plot, the rise and fall events, and the endings are all different.

So then what?

It's hard for Tim and I. We are both selfish people. We are both driven. We both want what we want. 

This is embarrassing to admit, but I've never thought about sacrificing my goals for a man. I never thought that would be a decision I would have to make, or would want to make.

I also never thought I would have to ask a man to sacrifice his goals for me. Luckily, I live in a time where men are more wiling to do this, or even consider it an option. But I still never thought I would have to ask someone to sacrifice for me.

So how do you decide? Does the person who makes less money sacrifice for the more profitable job? Does the one who has a more fulfilling or meaningful career get to call the shots? Does it depend on family or legacy or whoever "wears the pants"? Do you take turns?

Does compromise always mean one person is being selfish and the other is making a sacrifice? Is one person always going to hold the other back and is the other always going to resent them because of it?

How do you take a risk for each other without screwing yourself over?

How do you find a balance between selfishness and sacrifice?

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Friday, August 22, 2014

The Most Traumatic Experience of My Life

So I told you how I had my event in Boston last week. It was so well and we were all on a success-high Friday. Most of our staff took off for home Friday afternoon. But it just so happened that my mom's side of the family was having a reunion in up-state New York the next day. So I had planned in advance to take a short/cheap flight from Boston to Albany, spend the weekend there, and then fly back to Lexington on Sunday.

I had a ticket for some airline called "Cape Air". I had no idea what it was, but had booked it via Kayak or Expedia and it was the cheapest and direct, so I went with it. 

We were all joking that it would be a small plane since it was a strange airline, but Lexington is a smaller airport so I had been on small jets before. Yes, they are a little tight, but not too bad.

Well.... let's just say I had NO IDEA what I was in for. 

When I checked in at the Cape Air counter, they weighed my suitcase ("Big Brown" as we call her...she's a beast). Normal procedure. Then they proceeded to weigh my carry-on roller bag, and my purse. Strange. Then they asked me, in front of all the passengers within ear shot, how much I weighed. I gave them a bewildered look and said, "me??". The agent nodded like it was the most normal question in the world, so I told him how much I weigh minus 5 pounds.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why I'm KIND OF OK With Summer Ending

It's funny the revelations you have as you get older. Like when you finally start realizing who your true friends are and that the others aren't worth your time. Or when you discover that strawberries are delicious. Or when you go from an indifferent stance on something, to a fiery passion.

Well the revelation I've had in the past couple years is that I despise summer apparel. Just straight up hate it. Short shorts that force you to keep up with leg shaving on a daily basis, light tank tops, open sandals, girly dresses, colorful patterns, minimal layering. It all just doesn't do it for me. I find it so hard to dress appropriately in the summer. I always feel like a tween on my way to a One Direction concert no matter what I wear.

And considering my taste is for dark, saturated colors and more sophisticated fabrics, summer just isn't a wardrobe-friendly season for me. I feel out of my element every single hot, humid day that I'm forced to bear more skin than I care to.

And because of this reason, I'm KIND OF OK with summer ending. Kind of. I'm not going to lie, I do love summer. For non-clothing reasons. Cold beverages on a patio with friends, running outside, vacations, festivals, weddings, etc. Those all make summer great.